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About us

About us

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Tianjin Eboxline international logistics Inc. We have just joined WCA association. We have over 20 years of experience in international
freight forwarding service.


Our head office is located in downtown of Tianjin China. TangGu branch and our own customs broker are located in TianJin
port, the largest port in China. We have excellent relationship with TianJin port and custom in many years. 


We have over 150 professional employees; our own online order enquiry system is coming soon. We have local warehouse and the transportation
team. All of this makes each customer gets the most professional and efficient service easily. As the largest logistics company of Southeast Asian shipping line in TianJin port, we make over 4000TUE capacity every month.


Base on shipping line optimization, the most favorable price, the most reliable service and the other advantages, we have numbers of
Southeast Asian customers. At the same time, we have maintained good relationship with other Chinese ports.


We are WCASAIL & WIFFA member. The certificates are following. 



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