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●Air Freight Service

●Door To Door Container Transport Service

●Local Warehousing And Logistics Service

Marine Service 

●Marine Service ( FCL/LCL)

●Fill, Unpack, Pack, Repack, Distribute Goods And The Other Service

●Insurance And Documentation


Customs Broker 

●Customs Clearance Service

●Perform Inspection, Fumigation, Health And Quarantine Service 

●Consulting Service


Transportation & Warehousing 


Special Service

●Special Service Specified By The Customer

●Order Enquiry System,Real Time Tracking Shipment Information

●Provide Overseas Customer Information and Build Resource Sharing System 


●We are the direct agent of CMA, APL, MSK, MSC, EMC


●In addition, our trading department works closely with a number of

  domestic producers and suppliers. We can purchase the high-quality

  production with amazing price to foreign purchasers.



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